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by revois

Hey! this looks pretty good, especially as your 2nd animaiton!! 2 things i would think about, 1) like you said in your comment, 'lettin...



  This weekend (oct 4th-5th) I went to the ottawa geek market with my GF Kauritsuo, and it was AWESOME!!!

  I had no idea it was going to be so much fun.  The first day it felt really busy and there was an excitement in the air, the second day felt very mellow and i was able to do a lot of walking around and met a lot of really cool people.

  The volunteers at the Nepean Sportsplex (the con's location) were amazing, enthusiastic and very helpful.  The coordinators even gave the volunteers Vouchers of various denominations ($5-$20) for them to spend at booths in the market.  I thought that was a brilliant idea, as it rewarded the volunteers, and also boosted the sales for the vendors.  

  I think the coolest part was the variety of sellers that were at the market.  Comic con had tons of actual stores that came to sell their goods, but like, i can go to any comic shop to get the same stuff really... At the geek market i was astounded at the amount of private enthusiasts that brought a part of their collections to show off/ find new owners.  There were TONS of old school videogames of every type, GI Joes, Transformers (TONS OF TRANSFORMERS) and SO MUCH LEGO.  If you are ever going to buy lego, dont waste your money on Ebay or whatever, go to these conventions/markets and check out the bulk bags of lego these people have to sell.  I saw a huuuge bag of mixed lego (good stuff too) being sold for $15... there must have been 500 pieces at least... maybe more.  I asked the lady selling it about her collection- she told me it was all her husbands and she was selling this stuff to make room at home!!  needless to say, her giant bags of lego lasted only a few hours on the first day.  (i would have gotten some, but Kauri would have killed me... i have too much as it is).

  There were fantastic cosplayers everywhere!!!  I always get excited to see my favourite characters in real life, especially ones who have faded out of the limelight of the present.  There was an amazing Ayla from Cronotrigger that looked perfectly spot-on.  I am too shy to talk to them most times, but it's still really cool to watch how excited everyone gets when they are in costume.

  I have a skeletor costume that i love to wear at cons, but this time i didn't bring him.  I don't really know why, maybe it was because our booth was very cramped (it was a middle booth...never again..) and it would have been a bother to squeeze by with all that buffness in the way.  Also, i really need contacts... skeletors mask is AWESOME, but sucks when you can't see other peoples.

  If you are a shy person, i recommend cosplaying a character with a mask, i never feel shy when i dress as skeletor (i love the voice and i try to emulate the personality that Robot Chicken has made-its hilarious).  The best part is if you cant think of something funny or cool to say the mask kind of speaks for you--no one can tell that you are cringing in the moment, or like, pulling an 'i dont know what to say face'.   I bet all the storm troopers feel the same way...

  I still dont have many things to sell (my GF is the one that makes ALL THE THINGS) but someday i would like to get a table next to hers and see if i can make some cool stuff to sell all my friends that i meet.  

  We will definitely come back for the spring Geek Market, i hope anyone that lives in Ottawa, or surrounding area would come check it out, it was a LOT of fun.


Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
I'm an animator in Ottawa area since 2006 (?)ish

I've been a 'traditional' fx animator since 2009 (by traditional i mean drawing on a cintiq, not paper and pencil)

I've worked on a bunch of tv shows, mostly for kids ages 6-10

It would be awesome to work on shows for 13-16 + action adventure style (think X-Men)


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